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"photography is an art of observation. it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them."

-elliott Erwitt


Over time, our experiences are shaped by our perspectives. In my work, I have learned to let go of this impulse and instead to capture each event as it occurs. By not manipulating the frame or giving direction to my clients and subjects, I allow my images to organically develop into a body of work that is eclectic yet unified by their authenticity. This approach has led me on a path to family photojournalism, a discipline that enables me to embrace an ethos of photographing what I observe without interference. Without judgment or influence, I aim to curate an environment where my clients overlook about the camera and allow their true selves to be photographed. I believe this to be the definitive point of where life meets art.

ne’s perspective on the world around them is molded by their reflection on each experience they encounter.  



Code of Ethics
1. Do not manipulate or stage photo opportunities, including moving any people, objects, or lighting.
2. Do not direct subjects in any way.
3. Be accurate in the representation of subjects. Attempt to show how individual personalities create the full story and resist photographing the overall dynamic.
4. Recognize and work to avoid presenting one's own biases in the work, yet allow your experiences and perspective to help you create your own artistic perspective to make timeless imagery.  
5. Minimize post-production retouching.  Maintain the integrity of the content and context.  Do not manipulate images, add, or alter in a way that can misrepresent your subjects.

adhere to the code of ethics followed by photojournalists working for respected news organizations so that I can document my clients and subjects as honestly and organically as possible.  It is not about what my subjects are doing, but rather how they interact with people and space around them.



Sound Good? Then

How i work



For pricing and further details please contact us at 1.917.565.8780 or jessica@jessicaleighphotos.com

Need a quick break and the opportunity to relax and strengthen the relationships within your family? The connection between you and your partner, or possibly, your children? Forget the daily stresses, the parent shaming in society today, and the fruitless attempts at perfection. 

You are a super human! In just 30 minutes allow me the privilege to remind you of this while spending quality time with your family.  

Learn from my biggest regret. Even when I get the opportunity to relax or travel with my family, as a professional photographer, I am rarely in any images with my family. I have thousands of my daughter and husband. Generations laughing, interacting and enjoying one another. Or simply dancing around your living room together to classic rock and roll. These are moments I make sure to capture for my clients and yet they have been lost to me in my own family. Do not regret not taking just moments to make sure you have this moments to look back upon.

The Unscripted "Bump" Session is composed of 30-minute session at the location of your choice and includes around 25 images (black and white & color).



I get it. Believe me. The thought of scheduling a family photo session while rushing between work and home, possibly juggling a two-year-old who is discovering their sense of self and demand. Maybe you have multiple children. Let's not forget the housework now. And, yes, dinner is expected on the table and, unfortunately, cheese slices and bread will not be accepted. Are you exhausted yet? I am, this is my life as well, and I hear you loud and clear.  

I created The Unscripted Life "Mini" Sessions because I absolutely do not want you to regard booking a photo session as a horror show. If a longer time commitment is just not on the table now, no worries. Nonetheless, you still owe it to yourself to have beautiful images that remind you of this period of your life. I want you to have photographs that you can look through once the children are in bed, the dishes are done, and you have finally collapsed on the couch with a sigh of relief. I want you to have a daily reminder that you worked your butt off and all that hard work has resulted in your gorgeous family. I want you to smile, take a deep breath, and feel rewarded. Give yourself the gift of knowing and seeing this with The Unscripted Life "Mini" Session.

The Unscripted "Mini" Session is composed of a 1-hour session at the location of your choice and includes 35 images (black and white & color).

"there are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child.  there are seven million."

-walt streightiff


The perspective of a child is pure, want, and love motivated. As we age and develop the world takes on new color and focus. For adults, it is rare that we are gifted the opportunity to step back in time and recall our emotions, sensations, and imagination from a childhood event. Even more so from a regular day. 

As a parent, this is a gift we can give our babies. The Unscripted Life "Me" Session is singularly child-focused. I have designed it to be a documentary experience of what highlights a child at a particular stage and time. It is a way for them to say, “Let me show you who I am right now.” 

These sessions are ideal for families where the dynamics are changing or about to change. For example, perhaps you are expecting another child. Maybe you are looking for an alternative to traditional school portraits. Or simply the realization that life, especially childhood, is too short, and these are the memories and experiences that mold your children into the adults they will be. Is that not reason enough to preserve this time for them to hold?

The Unscripted Life "Me" Sessions enables your child to introduce me to all of the elements that make them unique. This session is intended to focus on a single child, although other children and/or adults may be photographed during the session as they are part of your child's storyline, and your child is the director!

The Unscripted "Me" Session is composed of a 2-hour session at the location of your choice and includes around 50 images (black and white & color).

“When we are children we seldom think of the future. This innocence leaves us free to enjoy ourselves as few adults can. The day we fret about the future is the day we leave our childhood behind.” 

― Patrick Rothfuss


What do you believe defines you as a parent? When you strip away all the noise and grit of parenthood what stands out to you? That you feel is unique to you? Is it your creative storytelling skills before you put your little one(s) to bed? Your ability to turn mealtime into a journey of tastes and adventure? Is it as simple as the morning hustle before school and work? Or maybe when you are rocking your sleeping baby and cannot bring yourself to put them to sleep. 

In those fleeting moments that you cannot find the words to express how complete parenthood makes you feel. 

You tell me the moment you wish to hold on to and allow me to preserve it forever - pure, organic, and beautiful. 
The Unscripted "Parent" Session is composed of a 2-hour session at the location of your choice and includes 50 images (black and white & color).

"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it become a memory."

-Dr. Seuss


My Great Uncle Frankie was scarcely present in our family photos because he accepted the role of family photographer. Take this opportunity to put down your mobile or camera and allow me to capture these casual moments where you have the ability to create stronger family bonds. You will be surprised at how much you will cherish this unique opportunity and will value these images for years to come.  

Choosing The Unscripted Life "Half" Session is a chance to capture a special occasion, gathering, or life event without the all day commitment. Perfect for babies with limited alert time, whom may be just starting to develop their personalities and beginning to explore their surroundings. Or a simple family walk in the park. We will work together to choose the perfect location that you believe reflects your family values and interests.  

The Unscripted "Half" Session is composed of a 3-hour session at the location of your choice and includes around 100 images (black and white & color).

"Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still."

-dorothea lange


For many parents, it feels like years blur together. There is regret in balancing life and work. Days pass with an inhale and exhale of a single breath. And while we remember the central events of our lives we may overlook the little moments that mean so much. 

The moments that cause uncontrollable laughter, learning, and building. These are what shape a family and build stronger bonds. Hidden in our everyday routines lie these moments that can and should be preserved forever. 

While posed portrait sessions present beautiful photographs, I developed The Unscripted Life Sessions to deliver the unedited bits families so rarely are visually able to hold on and share now and with future generations. I want to capture you in your home or the place where you and your family are the most deeply rooted - where you are most honest, open, silly, or serious. And yes, even sadness and anger. I want to create through photography the story of you and yours. Nothing hidden or unnatural.  
I aim to become a member of the family for the day. I strive to make you as comfortable as possible to the point you forget about the camera. 

The Unscripted Life "Full" Session is composed of 6 hours spent documenting every detail of this current chapter of your life story and includes around 300 images (black and white & color).

"What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce."

-Karl Lagerfeld



If you have not already please contact me for access.  

Thank you!

The Unscripted Life Sessions Packages & Pricing

The Unscripted Life Sessions Client Guide



"I am thrilled with the photos Jessica took of my son! She was able to photograph these natural moments, which perfectly captured his expressions. She also had a calm, professional energy. We will definitely hire Jessica again."

-Susan Kalyanpur, The Unscripted Life Sessions Client

"Jessica is a passionate and dedicated photographer, and I am fortunate to have her as my sister-in-law. 

She is frequently taking pictures of our babies as they play with each other and explore the world. In the years to come, her ability to document our family through her images will ensure that we are able to look back fondly and remember our little ones exactly as they were."

-Tricia Prokop, The Unscripted Life Sessions Client

"Thanks Jessica for capturing her so perfectly!"

-Amy Trapp, The Unscripted Life Sessions Client

"Thanks for all of your help and BEAUTIFUL photos!!"

-Kristen Edmonds, TreasuredK9's

"Jessica is truly passionate and talented. Working with her on my daughter's photos was a wonderful experience. She truly captured her personality and spirit in gorgeous, soulful photos that I will treasure. Each one more beautiful than the next. Not to mention she is the sweetest person and beyond lovely to interact with."

-Deanna Royall, The Unscripted Life Sessions Client





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